Pinups featured in an exhibition curated by Honza Zamojski.

Saturday, June 24–Sunday July 31, 2011
Minska 25 (Soho Factory)
03-808 Warszawa

"BOOKIE" is the first in Poland comprehensive and focused presentation of publications by artists and small publishing offices. The exhibition will be held in the new premises of Piktogram/BLA, or, more precisely, within a space that is designated for the presentation of projects loosely associated with publishing, printing, recording, copying, and distribution. A few dozen publications selected by the exhibit’s curator, Honza Zamojski, will be displayed on shelves, in display cabinets and in less obvious arrangements.
Selected printed matter such as books, fanzines, catalogues, albums, newspapers, and magazines will demonstrate a wide range and diversity of one of the most intriguing cultural phenomena of recent years, i.e. self-publishing (which continues to develop at a fast pace). Is self-publishing only a fad or rather an attempt at a serious reflection over the distribution of knowledge? Or perhaps this is a nostalgia-driven epigonism of the last “analogue” generation? It is hard to provide an unequivocal answer to these questions. One thing is certain, however: the very medium of printed paper has changed. There is a need for redefining it and the ease of use and accessibility of various printing technologies facilitate experiments. All of a sudden books have becomes “exhibitions”, “paintings” or “sculptures” and their reception has changed accordingly.
Displayed (and sold) during the exhibition will be publications that have never been presented in Poland before, e.g. by David Horvitz and Rick Myers artbooks, conceptual fanzines of the Institute of Social Hypocrisy or books by the Slavs and Tatars collective that explore the frontier of Europe and Asia. There will also be some earlier, archival items, which on account of their content or design may be linked with the contemporary publications presented during the show.
“Print is dead!” “Is print dead?” Bookies might actually start accepting bets.

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